Childless not by Choice ~ What I know…

siljoySharing the pain, dissolving isolation, naming the struggle, sorting confusion, honoring unlived body experiences … support, empathy, guidance for decision making, answers, solutions, finding the next step toward peace inside! The issues are complicated … whether You are undecided, still hoping to have a child, or having to learn to live with childlessness.

Siljoy offers an opportunity to be listened to, find skilled help and develop specific steps in your personal healing as well as in defining your individual path. Siljoy is un-childed herself and combines her personal experience with her professional skills of almost three decades of Holistic Life Mentoring. She addresses all aspects of our life experience – Body, Soul, Spirit, Mind and Social Self.

Siljoy has done pioneer work with childless people for the last sixteen years. Drawing from her experience and knowledge as a Holistic Life Mentor, she meets her clients where they are, whether they want support in decision making, conceiving, preventing miscarriages, grieving, healing, adopting, etc. Especially when it comes to infertility treatments, she has a unique and powerful approach: in accompanying her clients on their path, she is able to help them not only with emotional and possible relationship issues, but especially she teaches how to use body awareness and mind awareness, guided imagery, successful goal setting, etc, to boost fertility and dramatically increase their chances both for successful conception and pregnancy.


“The individualized attention You will be given via the telephone is as effective as if You would see me in person in my office. Most of my clients report that during their phone sessions they feel as if I am in the room with them — we do get to know each other well.”

~ Siljoy Maurer

“Siljoy has been a wonderful guide and support person. I was at a crossroads with my infertility journey. I needed someone to talk with that truly understood my pain. I was searching on the Internet one night for some kind of support and Siljoy’s article – Empty Arms – Dealing with the Pain of Involuntary Childlessness caught my attention. I read it and knew that she truly understood!My only concern was that her practice was in California and I live in Illinois. I emailed her. We scheduled a phone session. I was unsure at first about doing phone sessions. After talking with her I knew it was right. The sessions have become invaluable. I have found happiness again in my life. I am peaceful and whole once again and healthier then ever because of Siljoy’s wisdom and compassion. I cannot thank her enough.” – K.A.F., Crystal Lake, Il

“Siljoy addresses the complexities of childlessness with compassion and love.

She guides and teaches in a way where one can move from the anguish of being childless

to seeing the light at the end of the journey.”

S. B.-W., Salinas, California